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“What we don’t know about Legacy Planning, Asset Protection & Trust Security isn’t worth knowing”


We are Asset Protection Specialists and in short, what we don’t know about Wills, Legacy Planning, Trusts and Asset Protection probably isn’t worth knowing. Our area of expertise is in Family Estate Planning and as such our specialist team of Will Writers, Lawyers and Legacy/Estate Planners have over 100 years of experience and are members of the prestigious UK organisation The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP).

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We consider that the consequences of not taking professional advise to ensure the safety of your hard earned estate are to great to risk, so whether you already have a Will and want to ensure that it is providing you with full protection or if you acknowledge that getting yourself organised is something that you should have dealt with already, contact us now so we can organise a free no obligation initial consultation.

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Highest levels of Service

As our client we will help you take all necessary action to protect you and your family, your wealth and your assets and as such, at the very heart of our organisation is our relationship with our clients. We pride ourselves with offering superior levels of service including our convenient ‘in the comfort of your own home’ advisory service at no extra cost to you. (Subject to you living in a jurisdiction in which we operate) In fact the vast majority of our clients begin their relationship with us based on our free no obligation confidential review service whereby we can help you to ensure that you are properly protected.

We consider it of utmost importance that you as our client know that you can pick up the phone as often as necessary (or at the very least on an annual basis) to inform us about any changes that may inevitably happen in your life.

Why? Quite simply because your Will and Legacy Plans may need updating to reflect any changes to your personal circumstances because governments change inheritance laws which impacts assets bequeathed in Wills, highlighting the need for people to update their Wills to keep pace.

On the basis that it can take as little as an hour a year to check that your Will still meets your needs why wouldn't you get the kettle on and invite us round for a review.

Rather than treat your relationship with us as a the provider of a reactive service, use our skills and expertise on a proactive basis and benefit accordingly.

We are committed to our approach and to achieving the outcome you are seeking.

Contact us now so we can organise a free no obligation initial consultation.

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